Join us for a special brunch on Saturdays & Sundays from
8am - 4pm.

See our weekend chalkboard for a variety of seasonal brunch specials.















GF - gluten free / GFO - gluten free option. Everything is vegan - some items have a vegetarian option.

Brunch Menu - Served until 4 PM Every Day

substitute organic eggs for tofu add .5

Pink pomegranate bullet.Good Morning Granola
house-made granola with almond milk & seasonal fruit(GF) 11

Pink pomegranate bullet.Acaii Berry Parfait
acaii berry cashew cream layered with seasonal fruit & granola
(GF) 11

Coconut Lime Cake at Pomegranate Cafe.Pink pomegranate bullet.Banana Berry French Toast
griddle-dipped banana bread, candied pecans, POM-berry jam, strawberries, bananas & whipped ‘cream’ 10

Pink pomegranate bullet.Basic Breakfast
scrambled egg or tofu, ancient grain toast, POM-berry jam, fruit 9
add sautéed lacinato kale
(GFO) 2

Pink pomegranate bullet.In Season Scramble
scrambled egg or tofu with farm vegetables - served with harvest hash, ancient grain toast, and POM-berry jam (GFO) 12.5

Pink pomegranate bullet.Daily Scramble
see chalkboard for today’s scramble style
served with harvest hash, ancient grain toast and POM-berry jam (GFO) 12.5

Pink pomegranate bullet.Breakfast Burrito
scrambled egg or tofu, potato, sweet potato, cheese, tepary beans and farm vegetables wrapped in a spinach tortilla (GFO) 11
*enchilada style add $2

Pink pomegranate bullet.Avocado Sandwich
ancient grain baguette sandwich with seasoned egg or tofu, avocado, tomato, cheese, macadamia basil pesto, and sunflower sprouts (GFO) 10.5

Pink pomegranate bullet.Green Garden Protein Bowl
scrambled egg or tofu with farm vegetables & kale - topped with avocado, macadamia-basil pesto and sunflower sprouts (GF) 10.5

Pink pomegranate bullet.Lumberjack
ancient grain bread sandwich with seasoned egg or tofu, tempeh bacun, tomato, chipotle aioli, avocado, and cheese
- served with harvest hash (GFO) 12

Pink pomegranate bullet.Wild Western Tacos
two spelt tortillas stuffed with egg or tofu, sprouts, pico, seasonal vegetables, yukon potato, sweet potato,
cheese, avocado, and salsa (GFO) 12

Sides + Extras

Pink pomegranate bullet. harvest hash
yukon gold potatoes & sweet potatoes with farm veggies (GF) 5
Pink pomegranate bullet. tempeh bacun (GF) 3
Pink pomegranate bullet. smoked Apple Sage 'sausage' 3.5
Pink pomegranate bullet. toast & POM-berry jam (GFO) 3.5
Pink pomegranate bullet. two eggs (GF) 4
Pink pomegranate bullet. scrambled tofu 4
Pink pomegranate bullet. seasonal fruit bowl (GF) 6
Pink pomegranate bullet. sesame tamari tofu (GF) 4
Pink pomegranate bullet. avocado 2
Pink pomegranate bullet. quinoa (GF) 4
Pink pomegranate bullet. tepary beans (GF) 4
Pink pomegranate bullet. chipotle aioli .5
Pink pomegranate bullet. salsa or pico .5
Pink pomegranate bullet. chips & salsa (GF) 4
Pink pomegranate bullet. ancient grain almond toast (GFO)
ancient grain toast, almond butter, POM-berry jam, seasonal fruit sprinkled with granola 6

Featuring local/natural cage free eggs from Chile Acres Farms, AZ

Gluten-free (gf) items are free of gluten containing ingredients. However, we cannot guarantee food preparation with dedicated gluten-free utensils, equipment & preparation environment. Any bread or tortilla on our menu can be substituted for a gluten-free version.

Gluten-free, option (gfo)

RAW food is organic, from the earth & uncooked (under 115 degrees). RAW or "living" food contains high levels of enzymes, essential nutrients & life force energy.

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